Ichinomiya fruit information

Yamanashi Prefecture Ichinomiya is a production area that also enters the top class in peach production. Among them, Ichinomiya has a long sunshine time, it has a climate suitable for cultivating peaches, which has a large temperature difference in the basin. Among them, Okoku plantation sticks to ripen cultivation and safe cultivation with low pesticide.


Ichinomiya fruit information
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Asama Garden (Asamamen) is located in Yamanashi Fuefuki-shi Ichinomiya (Ichinomiya) town, the most famous place in Japan for grapes. Ichinomiya is known nationwide as Togen Gengou (tokyo shogun). You can enjoy peach blossoms, peach hunting, grape hunting, gigantic hunting, and lunch. Weatherproof type grape hunting garden (from the beginning of September to the end of November) is complete, it will be fine even in the rain. We have a large selection of Yamanashi souvenirs and we also direct our production area directly. Origin Hakuomo Soft Cream Publisher